2011 Winter Blues

Kids are saying "YAY"! But all of us adults are like "OH NO!! Not again". Yep folks, it's another snow day for Kansas City Area.

We've seen quite a bit of snow this winter. We've already seen about a foot of snow so far in January and now we're in line to get up to another 14 inches. Like alot of you I'm sick of this weather. Not only the snow and being inside for days, but the cold ughhh!!!! Not to mention our gas bill has been attrocious this winter with all these frigid temps.

I'm so ready for spring!!!

So until warmer days arrive here's what I'm doing to try and beat the
2011 Winter/Snow/Cold Blues:

1) Snuggle Up With My Honeybun AKA My husband-(no explaination needed on this one)

2) Make some Hot Chocolate or Rotelle and sit by the fire and enjoy my own movie marathons
(Some classics that I love to stay inside and watch: The Wiz, Nutty Professor, The Wedding Singer, Dream Girls,Purple Rain)

3) Online Shopping-Getting your gear up for spring/summer never hurt anyone

4)Experiment with my hair- I have a natural right now, so its a good time to play in my hair and find out what styles look right and what doesn't
(plus it gives me enough time to wash the style out or redo my hair, so I don't look crazy for work the next day)

5) Clean up or clean out something- I took the liberty of straightening out my linen closet (we've have all got a drawer, a closet, a room or something that needs)

What do you do on snow days???? Talk to Me!

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