Facewittersquare, a Social Networking Dream or Nightmare?

No, Facewittersquare is not some strange place that you've never heard of, but rather a social networking name montage of sorts I just came up with. Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare occupy alot of folks time these days. For some it has become a live journal for the world to read. I sit and read a lot of tweets and Facebook posts and wonder how do people stay on there all day posting tweet after tweet or pouring out their hearts on Facebook? Do they even remember a time before Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare? I'm sure the younger generation doesn't, but I do and you might also.

Back when I was in high school, there were two-way pagers, the nextel walky-talky phones (not sure what you call those), emailing or the old-fashioned passing of notes. Some of us shy ones (like me) were fortunate enough to have the privilege of telling one of your friends that you liked so and so and to see if he has a girlfriend (then have the whole school know before the end of the day, but this is another story). Now, it's texing or "poking" someone you like. In high school I also remember talking on the phone for hours about absolutely nothing with my girlfriends. We would gossip about who we didn't like, what we were going to wear, who was cute and on and on. I remember talking to my boyfriend on the phone and just sitting there listening to each other breathe for no reason.

I also used to get in trouble back then for tying up the phone line not only talking on the phone for hours on three-way, but also for being on the internet instant messaging. Does anyone remember when there was such a thing called "Dial-Up". Probably not.

That was almost 10 years ago and my how things have changed. MOST conversations began with "What chu doin?"

Now, if you want to know what someone is up to all you have to do is look at your Facebook "News Feed" or your Twitter "Timeline". If I want to see or talk to my friends or family, I'll probably 99% of the time text them, tweet them or just post something on their wall. It's quicker, discreet and you can talk to anyone anywhere with out having to say a word verbally. Lazy? Yes, maybe.

Have these social networking sites ruined the way we communicate with our friends and family? Do they expose more than what we might want to know about a person?

I know a lot of people who are not on social networking sites for that specific reason. They don't want people to know about them or what they're doing. (This is whole other topic though..)

I still enjoy a good phone conversation from time to time with friends, but do people even really do that anymore? Am I the only one?


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