Travviiiiiii is Back!

Ok, I'd be wrong if I didn't blog about these guys today since #1 I follow them on twitter and they've been blowing my timeline up talking about this mixtape and #2 they are a trending topic on twitter (#MusicMoneyMagnums). Soooo, I'ma talk about it!

I started listening to Travis Porter (Ali, Quez and Strap) when the original version of "All The Way Turnt Up", came out with Roscoe Dash on V103 in Atlanta,GA. I guess I kinda fell in love with their sound.It's a bit of club,bounce mixed in with that southern ridin' music. It takes me back to my college party days! :)

Anyways, if you don't know who Travis Porter is you've probably been living under a rock or don't listen to the radio. These three ATL rappers came out in 2009, but have just recently gained major radio play with songs "Go Shorty" and "Make it Rain". And like Drake, they don't even have an actual Album out yet.

This latest one Music, Money, Magnums that was just released last night has is a true depiction of what each of them are about.

My favorites off of this one are "Bring It Back", "Whateva She Want", and "Propose a Toast". They've got some nice guest features on this one with Too Short, Tyga and Yo Gotti and also have some other heavy hitters to back them up like DJ Tecnikz, DJ Scream and Drama.

I like these guys though because they are bringing the fun and party aspect back into rap for the young crowd.

Sure they may be a bit explicit for some of y'all's taste, but they know how to get a party started and they are dedicated as hell!!!

Check out one of my favorite creative video's, "Make it Rain" and a mini movie about how Travis Porter got started and who Travis Porter is:

Travis Porter - Make It Rain from sean bankhead on Vimeo.

Travis Porter - Proud to Be a Problem from Travis Porter on Vimeo.

If you haven't already Download and listen to the mixtape for yourself @:


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