Why I Write

"Paper has become my bestfriends at times. When there were no parents around, friends weren't there and "so called" boyfriends were no where to be found I always had a notebook. Paper never talks back, never gets and attitude, doesn't try to change the subject because it doesn't care to hear what you're talking about and it almost always is available to me. Paper doesn't judge you either."

The other day I was asked the question, "Why do you write?". I questioned myself for a minute and then replied with a generic answer. "Because I like to, and I'm good at it." But I knew there was a longer story to that.

I've always liked writing and reading. Writing is a major outlet of mine. I can't say that I was the most creative or imaginative child, but I was definely an observer (and still am). I've never said much, until you get to know me really, really well. I've been pretty much quiet and shy girl my whole life. I've always been obsessed with paper, pens or markers though for some reason. Maybe because they are creative canvas's that I can use to draw, doodle, write or color on, I don't know.

In elementary school though I remember I liked writing these creative and sometimes scary stories and reading them aloud to my parents. I loved the creativity of creating my own little make-believe worlds in my room and in my stories (which may have largely come from being a only child ).

In college, writing became a major major outlet for me. I had always kept diaries and journals through out my school days, but in college it became a vital tool for me. At one point I thought I was going crazy because of a messed up relationship I was in. I began to go through serious self-doubt, confidence issues and all of this was mixed in with bad relationships, struggling grades, other distractions and issues back at home. I often had no one to complain to, hang out with or talk to, so my notebook was my friend (sounds lonely I know, but I enjoy my solitude LOL). Back then I was mainly writing out of anger and confusion which fueled my consistency of writing almost everyday.

I continued writing all through out college and never told anyone really about my love affair with paper and pen until my husband.

I finally got the courage to share a poem at poetry night my senior year of college, which was the first time I shared my work publicly. And really it wasn't as bad as I thought.

I write as an outlet. Like most writers, my need to express my creativity in some way. It's as necessary as drinking water or breathing in fresh air. Not everyone is able to express their inner most thoughts and feelings and feel privileged to have this gift.

I write from the heart, for myself and for others so that someone may be able to be entertained, relate or be inspired by my work. This is only my hope as a writer.

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