"If Inspiration Doesn't Find You, You Have To Find It"

I have a deep desire to be someone "great". By "great", I don't mean a one hit wonder or someone who has one hot selling book. I aim to be someone like a Oprah or a Maya Angelou. Ok, maybe not Oprah, because I'm not nearly that outgoing but Maya Angelou has led such and interesting life and has been so many different places and wrote so many different beautiful things. Someone with longevity, someone who will leave a legacy is who I long to be. Quick money is not of interest to me. I am digging deeper to pursue a position where passion and soul is required.

In order to be "great" or "awesome" I believe you have to be inspired by someone or something. Jay-Z said something to the effect of "If inspiration doesn't find you, you have to find it....but some people are permanently inspired". For me I have seek inspiration to create and continue reaching for the stars.

Largely I am inspired by other artists. Art,entrepreneurs,photography, music and writers to be specific.

I can't really name any specific artists but I love artist who use un-ordinary shapes, color combinations or tell a story through their artwork. Creating beauty with inanimate objects or pictures is attractive to my eye. I like ordinary artwork too, just not as much as the abstract.

I love music! Music of all kinds. From Jack Johnson to Lil' Jon. Music sets a mood or a tone. It puts me a certain frame of mind. I have so many that are an inspiration to me but I really like Esperanza Spalding. I like jazz and live music alot! I love her music and creativity mixing the old with the new style. Alot of my favorites are singers like Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, Keisha Cole, Adele, Beyonce' and Jay-Z. I love these artist because they tell stories in their music and are awesomely creative.

Lastly, I am inspired by several different writers up and coming and established.

Inspiration can come from everyday life.

What are you inspired by?

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