Natural Hair Frustrations, Follow Friday and Other Updates

Hello All & Happy Friday ,

I am having a major hair dilema! Last year about this time I got my hair cut for the second time in my life only short. I had always had long hair with the exception of middle school when it broke off and my mom made me go get it cut. After my new hair cut, I decided to go even shorter after I noticed there were so many young women that had the same "Rihanna like" hair cut as me.

I got tired of the short hair and decided I would go Natural in July 2010. No more perms just letting my hair grow out and be in it's natural state.
Now I'm not so sure. I am getting so frustrated. My hair IS growing but I just don't care to do all the different styles myself. I often wear it in a curly afro or wrap it up. I'm stuck, I don't know what to do. I've thought about braids or twist but I'm just being really indecicive right about now. I've been natural for about 8 months and it would be a shame to have come this long and then just go back but I sure am contemplating it.

Anyways, on to other updates. I haven't blogged for awhile because in November me and husband are going to have a baby! I've either been just too tired or resting, trying to take it easy since I lost my first pregnancy about two years ago. We are trying to be extra extra precausious.
So that's my happy update for now, we are truly excited though! Just thought I'd share that with my followers.

On to Follow Friday!!!!

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