New $590 Million Dollar Plan proposed for old Bannister Mall land.....again

Banister Mall used to be the spot for many kids in my generation and before. My mom frequently tells me the story of how she remembers when they were building the Mall in the late 70's, how she lived right across the street and used to walk to grocery store 'cause the neighborhood was different back then.

I've lived in South Kansas City most of my life and have fond memories of going to Toys R'Us with my Dad to go Shopping, going to Luby's Cafeteria with my Grandparents after church and even long long long shopping trips at what was called "Hypermart", one of the first Super Walmarts in the area of Benjamin Plaza that was right by Bannister Mall.

Now driving by the area that once was poppin'in the late 90's, early 2000's it's just down right depressing. Yes, the crime rate has gone up dramatically over the years in that area and alot of surrounding stores have either closed or "gone down hill".

But really to let that large area sit with out development is a waste regardless of the neighborhood. I kept wondering, will anyone ever WANT to rebuild there or would they leave it vacant? Well, browsing through the Kansas City Star today, I got my answer.

The whole Soccer field stadium in the middle of a partially residential/shopping area was a slightly half-baked idea to begin with in my opinion and so was the Bass Pro Shop idea. C'mon who in that area do you think really was going to shop there?

My question is why does it seem that other cities, those located, oh... I don't know say across, the state who begin with a St. and end with a "is" can get it together better than we.

It's nice Cerner Corp. has stepped in to develop the land this time. It will be nice to see the plan go through this time.

You can find the article I read in Kansas City Star here:

Bannister Mall Future Plans

P.S. Read some of the rude comments after the article too. People can be a bit ignorant!

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