Advertising your GOOD's on Facebook & Twitter.....Ladies & GENT's Stop IT!

I think some of you may be taking the phrase, "Sex Sells" to your head!

I think it may have been last week when I was scrolling on my timeline on facebook and caught one of my "Facebook Friends" with their pants down....literally. She had literally taken a pic of herself in her undies and a tank top!

Of coarse a gang of guys had commented on her goods and looks. This is not the first post I've seen from the particular person, not to mention she's a mom!

Ladies, is this how you get attention from guys now days?

I've been seeing this from guys and gals on social networks for a while now doing this. More than likely if you have a booty shot or a titty shot on your profile pic you're advertising.

It would maybe be different if you were at the pool in you're bathsuit or trunks, but you're not you're in front of a mirror in your bedroom or bathroom. Even if you're a model, I can respect that. But if you look like you just stepped out the tub and picked up your camera phone to take a pic of yourself because you though it was a good idea to share with all of your friends and family on facebook, please DON'T.

Unless you're Trey Songz, Usher, Chris Brown or that fine guy with the grey eyes from Grey's Anatomy guys,I really don't care to see you showing your abs! I have a lovely set of my own at home for my viewing pleasure! LOL

It's okay beautiful people of facebook and twitter, we get the point....YOU LOOK GOOD! But, some of that stuff you should keep to yourself or just share with your boo.

I'm just sayin'....

What do y'all think?


  1. Love this!!! People need to take head to this. With grown women doing this kind of thing, it makes young ladies, and children think it's okay.

  2. Yes exactly! Thanks for the comment as well!

  3. I recently unfriended someone because of this. Girl, I don't wanna see your tits all over my timeline. Sad LOL

  4. AMEN!!! My grandma's on facebook for crying out loud.

    And it's so annoying when she posts all her booty pics. Just kidding =D