Ladies, Have You Asked Yourself Lately.....Is His "Brand" of Bull To My Liking?

There is a common re-occuring theme that I found personally when dating and that my friends and others have talked about off an on through out our dating experiences.

I would have these long drawn out converstions about it when I was in this "so-called" long term relationship with this guy in college. The conversation usually starts something like this, "Girl, he say he gon' do this or that or he say he was goin' here or there but when I called him he was over to so and so's house ...".

For some reason ladies, we can be in so much lust or love with a guy that for some of us he can tell us the world is flat now and we'd believe him. Love is blind for sure, and I know it! Guys can feed us a load of bull, straight hot air and for some reason if we're in "too deep" we don't see what's goin' on until someone wakes up or we get slapped upside the head by reality.

But, on rare occassions for those of us that aren't totally blinded we see the bull that were being fed and it's up to us to ask our selves, "Is His "Brand" of Bull To My Liking"?

It's like fast food ladies. We know that even if we order the healthiest thing on the menu, some part of what were eating is no good for us, but we eat it anyway 'cause we like it. Some aspect of him keeps you coming back.

Some guys feed you bull because they're slick, some guys feed you bull because they simply don't know how to tell the honest truth anymore, then there are those guys who try to hide stuff and those are the kind we call liars.

Ladies, almost all guys are full of "it" in my opinion. To some extent, in some form or fashion. It's just a matter of knowing how full of "it", they really are and if they would change for you.

What do you all think?

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