He Probably Can't Help It, It's In His Genes

I just stumbled upon this today. I like this dude's style! I've been a Droop-E fan ever since I heard the track on Turf Talk's cd ft. E-40 called the "Popo's" and a fan of his dad, rapper E-40 since back in elementry school when the track "Sprinkle Me" was out.

Click here for a sample of the song I'm talking about and MORE!

Turf Talk-Popo's

Droop-E came out with a mixtape last year entitled "BLVCK DIAMOND LIFE", which it has all Sade samples on it.

Check out this video from his photoshoot and such.

You can download his mixtape here....I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but I like what I've heard so far.

Download Black Diamond Life

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