Beyonce' Backlash?

It's interesting that Beyoncé is receiving so much backlash. I guess that really shows what kind of affect she has on society. When Queen "B" comes out with something new, it matters and maybe matters a little too much to some who are almost psychoanalyzing the song above off her 4th studio album soon to come.

She's sending a positive message. That's for sure, but she's always done women empowerment type of songs, songs that speak to women. So why now is she receiving all this backlash?

I've read that at the Billboard Music Awards her routine was copied from some Italian pop star, I've also read that she's possibly a "Girls' Villain" and starting some sort of feminist movement. And the list goes on and on.

Excuse me...

I'd like to call attention to the left side of the room where all the haters are, 'cause that's exactly what all this critique mess sounds like. Something I like to call pure unadulterated HATERISM.

There's always someone trying to turn a positive into a negative or have some negative commentary or brutal critique. It's not fair, but it seems to be how the world is run now days.

What do y'all think of the single and the video? Good or Bad?

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