Is It Possible To Have "Too Many" ?

So, I'm back from my mini blogger-vacation I took due to my husband, and I's anniversary this week. I'm back though.

I've been having some issues....

For many writers there is usually the issue of having a so called "Writer's Block". I on the other hand am having some sort of opposite effect. A "Writer's Overflow", if you will, is what I think I am experiencing. Deciding what to write about today has been a bit of a task. Usually, I can write about a topic right off, but today it is not such.

I know where the trouble lies though.

I'm not a beauty blog nor am I strickly a relationship blog. I'm defintly not an entertainment blog, nor am I am online diary. I enjoy writing about many different subjects, maybe that's my down fall.

Could be my focus is off, from taking a brief hiatus?

Not sure, but I'll get it together soon!


  1. I have an over-active mind..That's why I have three blogs, A Facebook page and a Twitter page...but despite my large output...I too am having writers block...So When I do, I just don't write...I live a little...and in time..my mojo comes back.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog "Escapades" today!

  2. Good idea Mr. Keith, maybe I should stop forcing it. I enjoy your blogs. Thanks for the follow!

    -Nicole Alicia