Natural vs. Nappy

(Really I wrote this on thursday, but because blogger was down, I just got a chance to post this, sorry)

I'm a fan of her music and of her many different hair styles. I, too am one of those girls who gets tired of wearing my hair the same way all time. Now dying it and wearing different colors not so much. But, I dig Rihanna's style!

As many of us have heard time after time about the many beefs on Twitter, I have come to conclusion that he Twitter world can be brutal,especially for superstars.

On Tuesday,Rihanna tweeted new cover art work for her next single, "Man Down" and got a really....ahhhem......rude response about her hair in the pic. A suposed, fan @NinyaBella tweeted Rih–”Why does her hair look so nappy?”

To which Rih responded so gracefully,

Now, I can only see a tiny bit of what I think is her hair underneath the hair she has on in this picture. Sure, I think the stylist probably could have done a better job blending that in. But, all in all what was up with that comment? Nappy, eh. Last time we saw Rihanna’s “real” hair, I don’t think it was “Natural” and by Natural I mean…
o Natural hair is unprocessed hair that has not been chemically altered in texture or color. It may take anywhere from 6 months to a year to grow hair out to its natural state.

Nappy, by definition when I googled it said:

Adjective: (of a black person's hair) Frizzy.
Noun: A baby's diaper. More »

Now, ladies you know we say it all the time. "My edges are gettin' nappy" or "My hair is so nappy right now, I can't do anything with it".

The word "nappy" for some can be offensive. For me I embrace the word. But the girl called her hair “nappy”, which would be incorrect. A bit fuzzy, yes. But, “nappy”, eh I don’t think so.

When I hear the word nappy I used to think that it was bad. I mean I had natural hair that I used to get pressed out straight up until I was about 13 or 14. I didn't have my hair chemically straightened until I was in about 9th grade. I remember getting teased about still having my hair hot combed instead of permed too.

In July 2010, I joined "team natural" and went ahead and decided to let my hair grow out all the perm and become natural.

I understand that straight hair on women of color has become the norm. For some other races, it's hard for us to be accepted in some careers unless our hair is bone straight. Some of us buy it, others pay for it to become that way. But in short, the word "nappy" doesn't bother me either, because it's my hair. I'm proud of these last 10 months I've been growing it (although it has been a bit of a challenge, after having permed hair for the last 12 years).

I could go deeper with this issue, but let's not today. Anyways if you’d like the girls opinion and backing as to why she tweeted such a comment to Rihanna you can click on the link below:
Ninya Bella's Blog

What do you think about this ladies? Do you have chemically straightened hair, natural hair or do you wear weaves? Do you feel prettier with longer or shorter hair?

Let's get a discussion started.....COMMENTS PLEASE!


  1. I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I love my hair is curly but I hate to maintain it because if I don't take care of it, easily get frizzy or "nappy"? I love it straight as well because it is easy to manage but hate the straightener and feel burning my hair so much... *ugh* overall, I do like my hair when it is healthiest.
    though I am thinking of cutting it shorter or a bob.. we'll see.. ^__^

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