The "Perfect Guy" or The "Perfect" Guy for you?

As we are read fairy tales as little girls, we pretend we are princesses. When we begin to get a little older, we start searching for our prince charming.

Some say that he doesn't exist.

Others do.

Have you ever heard this from a friend,"Girl, he is perfect" and thought she was crazy?

Well in your mind, THE "Perfect Guy" might not exist. But, I do agree that some of us find THE "perfect guy" for us. He might not be perfect in your eyes, but who cares! You don't have to date/marry him!

As individuals, we should each have our own set of standards. Now, granite some us have higher standards than others...but we all have our own ideas about who that perfect guy is.

For example, Chilli from TLC. On her show,"What Chilli Wants" she had a list of characteristics she was looking for in a man and was very stict about them. She was told that they were un-realistic by several of her friends and her coach, but I don't think that was right. After all, the show was called "What CHILLI Wants" not "What Someone Else wants".

I do believe that there is someone for everyone. That "Perfect Guy" may not exist, but that someone who is "perfect" for you may be out there. But let me tell you, he sure hell isn't going to appear out of nowhere and be on your door step one morning ringing your door bell. You're gonna have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince!

So ladies, let's be individuals and stick to your list. That is if you have one. If that's what you want in a man and he's perfect for you don't listen to others, listen to your heart.

The following blog post was inspired by one of my followers on twitter @KandeeLovesYa.


  1. totally agree. that's why I've started to chime in less on my friends' guys. I used to comment based on what I liked or preferred but it's not about that. I have to take into consideration the woman not me because I'm not dating them.

    But to simply avoid it altogether? I keep my comments to myself because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Unless she's in harms way, my p.o.v. is just that my p.o.v. And it basically should have no bearings on their relationship.

  2. Hey B. Pierre,
    Yessss! I think we see eye to eye on this subject. But, yeah definitly if your friend is in harms way you'll let her know.Thank you for your comment!


  3. I totally agree with you! And I didn't like how Chilli was convinced to practically abandon her list on her search for the perfect mate. If you have no standards or guidelines, exactly what do you have? I think it's ideal to know what ur looking for and what ur trying to avoid out there on the dating scene.

    And OMG I love the fact that you have that picture of Trey Songz on this post. I am so in love with him! I got to see him in concert in Miami over the weekend and almost went crazy haha!

    BTW~I'm lovin ur blog! Now following :)

  4. Hey Miss Dre,

    Thanks for the follow! I see we have something in common! I'm in love with Trey too, I got to see him in person when he came to sign autographs here in KC.