Prepared In Case Of Severe Weather? I Don't Think Any Of Us Really Are!

This past couple have days have not been very good weather wise for the Midwest. Tornadoes have hit Joplin, MO and Sedalia, MO. Leaving 100+ fatalities in Joplin, MO and heavy damage in Sedalia.

Yesterday, parts of the Kansas City area had its own scary experience with tornadic activity.

I was just waking up yesterday having breakfast when it had begun to look very dark outside, and so I turned on the TV to see what was happening. Right, when I did I heard the sirens go off. I really didn't think much of it because a couple of nights before when there were Severe Thunderstorms the sirens went off too.

Now, because I was almost in a tornado 3 or 4 years ago, I tend to panic when they even start talking about Severe Thunderstorms.

I immediately threw on some sweats and a shirt and hurried up gathering my things in a back pack. Listening to the TV, I then heard that there was a funnel cloud spotted on a highway near my house. I immediately grabbed my phone and tried to text some of my neighbors in the building to make sure they knew, but I couldn't even message.

Fortunately, our apartment building has an underground garage that we are able to take shelter in.

I was totally unprepared. When I got down to the garage I realized all that I had grabbed was my cell, laptop (without the power cord), my planner and some of my writing notebooks. What I planning to do with a laptop with no internet I didn’t know. When I got downstairs, my neighbor asked me, "Where's your purse, darling?" I realized I hadn’t grabbed the most important thing a woman carries with them, nor any other very important items.

We stayed down in the garage for about 45 minutes, during this time no one was able to call out on their cell phones. I was getting texts from relatives, but I couldn't do anything on my phone except for Facebook and Tweet (Thank you social networking!).

Later, I looked at Twitter and it was going crazy! People were giving updates from all across the city, which was helpful.

The sirens in my area didn't stop going off for almost 1 ½, but after another neighbor went upstairs to check out the window, he told us the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. So we all went back to our homes.
Long story short, I will be making an emergency bag to have right in our coat closet so it's easily accessible to grab in case this happens next time.

Please pray for those who have been victims of these Storms and Tornado's they've lost possessions and more importantly lives’.

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