PSA!!!! Summer Foot Care: Don't Get Caught This Summer Looking Wrong

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and even thought it's been pretty rain and cloudy lately we know it's about to get hot here in KC! The interlude to Summer.

I was at Wal-mart, and some other places around town the other day, and observed somethings that were disturbing while standing in line.

It seemed most of these ladies I caught, had paid careful attention to themselves from the neck up. But as I looked down while waiting in line....Well lets just say this... if I see this again I will be subject to tweet that mess. So with that being said...

Here's 5 things we should remember as warmer weather approaches when it comes to our feet:

1) Toes should NOT hang over the edge of your sandals! Buy a bigger size!

2) Make sure you're utilizing lotion or baby oil on your legs AND feet! Ashy legs, feet and ankles are NOT attractive.

This goes for my Caucasian people too. I know y'all get ashy too, don't ask me how I know, but I know!

3)If you are going to wear White flip flops, they should be WHITE!
Note: If they look like you've been playing in dirt....THROW THEM OUT!

4) Chipped toenail polish is NOT cute! If it's chipped, it's time to get them done again!

5) Dirty Feet are a no, no also! It's quite nasty, the bottoms of your feet are dirty! I'm not sure if you've been walking around your house barefoot or outside on the blacktop asphalt. But WASH YO FEET, before you put on flip flops or sandals.

Make Sure You Look Down Before Stepping Out of The House!

If you know someone who has commited any of these horrific no, no's, please share this with them so we can put an end to the madness LOL!


  1. hehe So true, these are actually the simple things which can totally mess up your whole style if you don't pay a lil' attention.
    The way you put it was quite funny too :)
    Hope you having a great weekend.!


  2. Hey lil miss Sauniya',

    Thanks for your comment as always miss! I thought adding a bit of humor to my posts wouldn't hurt ;)!


  3. Hahahaha!! Great post!! Most people have forgotten about their feet in winter months so when summer comes they fail to keep them up.

  4. Hey Ms. King,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you got a laugh in reading this :)

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