We're Still Here...

So, some nut predicted that the end of the world was supposed to be Saturday, May 21st at 6pm. When I heard about this at first, I didn't know what exactly folks were talking about. So I took to twitter, only to hear mass jokes about it.

Despite all the hoopla,we're still here.

To my understanding we are not to know the day, nor the hour. So where did this man get this info from anyway, it's still not clear. I mean in my lifetime, the world has now supposed to have ended twice. The time before was when I was in high school in 1999.

It's funny to me that people are so damn gulible these days. Reminds me of the little tale about the sky falling. Some people are so quick to believe in others predictions, when the weatherman can't even predict the weather right.

That may be part of the problem with today's society, I don't know. Man believing and trusting so much in man rather than a higher power.
It just goes back to my favorite saying,



  1. and ppl love the hype! geez.. we still here and I am still reading your lovely blog! ^_^

  2. Lol toooo funny! Well you know their on to the 2012 theory. I was surprised when I found out that a PASTOR made this prediction? What?! Anyways, I'm blessed to see another day..& I don't say this because of the Sat crap, just because I know my God is good.
    Ps. Your blog gives me that "Take off your shoes & relax" feeling. lol..Love it!

  3. Hey Shareena,

    Yes, girl! People are so ready to feed into anything the media feeds them. It's rediculous!

    Thanks as always for the blog love :)


  4. Hey Ashley,

    Yeah, it was suprising for me also that a pastor made this so called prediction too.
    I feel the same way. Just blessed to see another day and know that God is indeed Good!
    Thanks for the follow and lovly compliment, I am smiling ear to ear!^_^
    I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!