Women Proposing & Buying Your Own Engagement Ring?

I finished the season of Love & Hip Hop which (for those of you who aren't familiar) stars Rapper Jim Jones and his girlfriend of 6 years Chrissy. Thoughout the season it was an ongoing topic beening brought up by girlfriend Chrissy. They had been together for 6 years and she was desparatly wanting Jim to step up to the plate an wife her. So I guess she got tired of him beating around the bush, so she popped the question herself.

Now, some of you may call me old fashioned. I can understand maybe,maybe asking a guy out on a date, but asking him to marry you? Isn't that being just a bit agressive? Desparate maybe even?

I can't put my finger on it, but it's just not right! If a dude wants to marry you, he'll do just that. End of story!

Also, I saw an article today on another blog site where it posed the question "Should a Woman Buy Her Own Engagement Ring?" Now this one was a new one for me, I haven't really heard of this one, nor am I quite sure how this exactly works.

When my husband proposed to me, he presented my with an engagement ring he had picked out. So, I guess these girls that are buying their own engagement rings aren't satisfied with the ring their fiance' gave them or just were proposed to without an actual ring.

I know and understand times are hard right now but, damn! I know things are different for every couple, but ladies I don't agree with buying your own ring. If you're not satisfied with the engagement ring your fiance' gets you then why not ask him to upgrade you? To me, going out and buying your own ring is a slap in the face to your love one. In a way, it's setting a standard (another article, another time).

I know it's 2011 and a lot of us young women are all about women empowerment and being independent, but there are times to step down and let him take the reigns.

Ladies, what do you think about taking the whole proposal and ring situation in to your own hands?


  1. Desperate is all I can say! I'm old fashion if he isn't asking guess I'm not getting married.

  2. That's how I feel too! Thanks for the comment Jaime!

  3. Would you agree or disagree that things just aren't the same as they once were with men & women? I would prefer he ask, yes, but I've been with you 6, 10, 15 years plus & nothing? Its easy to say what you would & wouldn't do when you not in the situation. How deep & invested are you, in him? Is he worth it, you start weighing things.

  4. I agree with you! If a man wants to marry you, he'll ask and yes, buying you're own ring is a slap to the face to the man who bought it!

    I find asking guys on dates isn't that big of a deal, but proposing to one? Yes, definitely too aggressive!

  5. Thank you for your comment L'Arin!I'm so glad you're here! First off let me say I understand everyone has different circumstances. I've been in a relationship that ended with no promise of commitment after 4 1/2 years and I loved him dearly, but me personally I don't agree with waiting on a man to make that commitment if I've been with you 5 years +. Different strokes for different folks, I'd say. But, if a man really wants to be with you for the long run he'll step up to the plate and make that commitment.

  6. Hey Maureen, thank you for your comment! I appreciate you stopping by. Don't be a stranger!

    -Nicole Alicia :)

  7. I'm not averse to women asking men to marry them but i do think it's nicer if the man asks. As for buying my own ring, hmmm not so sure, maybe put some money towards it. The ring is supposed to be offered as a sign of commitment to the other person so it wouldn't seem the same if you were to buy it yourself.

  8. Thanks Alice X for your comment! I appreciate the blog love!

    -Nicole Alicia