Does His Actions Match His Words? They'd Better!

This "Tuesday Topic" is going to be fairly short and sweet, because it really is just that simple.

Just recently I've had two different conversations lately with girlfriends about this subject. One of them totally gets it, the other wants to make excuses for the dude she's with. (Making excuses to rationalize stuff, this is definitely a topic for another day)

I spelled it out to them both and told them...

"A dude can talk and promise until they're blue in the face, but if they don't put any action behind those words consistently. Then you have a problem."

This goes for the simplest things from going out, or calling back all the way to serious stuff like getting an apartment and moving in together.

If you're important to someone you don't forget to call someone back and you don't accidentally forget to go get that person to go out on a date.

Ladies, please stop falling for so called game!
You're better than that! Don't be a fool!

By game I mean, a lot of talking and no doing. Guys are good at it, it's how they reel you in.

Girl, I know he's fine and all, and you think he's got everything you ever wanted in a man but don't fall for it!

Do you agree?
Maybe I just have a low tolerance for bullshiggity? I don't know, but let's get a discussion going! Have you experienced this? Have you fell for the "game" before?

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