Follow Friday: "Beauty" is Her Name

Happy Friday all!

Last week I did blogs that featured natural hair care. This week I have featured blogs from young ladies that I follow who are beauty bloggers.

Many of them have incorporated hair,nails, make-up, fashion, skin care, product reviews and more all into one place! I love these and many more that would take tooooo long to post all of 'em. But these are some of my favorites.

These Beauty Blogs are awesome for all of us girly girls who love to know about the latest hair products and how they worked. They have a ton of information as to what products they use, all the way down to what brushes make-up experts use. I will warn you, browsing through these type of blogs (beauty and fashion stuff) are quite addictive!

Enjoy ladies and have an awesome weekend! :)

Glam No Labelz

Make Up and Meme

Peace,Love,Make Up

Sherry Merry Go Round


Naturally Obsessed

Special shout out to my girl Shareena from "Sherry Merry Go Round", Ashley from "Glam No Labelz" and Meme from "Make up and Meme"! You ladies rock for being awesome bloggers and for following Nicole Alicia and commenting :) Thanks as always!


  1. Okay, first off I would like to say I'm honored. For some reason I wasn't seeing your blog posts on my dashboard. Thank you for the FF & for following my blogs. I'll def. check these other ladies out. Take care!