Follow Friday: Natural Hair Blogs

Happy Friday to all!

I started my journey back to Natural Hair about 11 months ago last July. I haven't had a perm since then. I can't say it's been ALL wonderful and peachy, it has indeed been a journey. But I wasn't alone, browsing the internet I found that hundreds of young women were embarking on the same journey as I or had already transitioned to Natural.

Here's just a tast of some of the blogs I found (and still do find) especially helpful for women with Natural Hair and that I follow:

Kandee Loves Ya's Beauty Blog

Before I even considering cutting my hair and going natural I stumbled upon her YouTube station. She has a ton of video's from products to hair styles and other topics




Curly Nikki

Black Girl with Long Hair

K is for Kinky


  1. thanks for the link up! I have curly hair but no kinky ..though I rather have kinky hair than confused curly like I do.. ^_^

  2. Hey Shareena,

    You're very welcome. Yes they have tips for alot of different hair types on these sites, which is very helpful because a lot of have different hair types.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Femmes With Benefits,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! Hope you find these features helpful!

    -Nikki :)