Is Mediocrity Acceptable to You?

After I graduated from college, I was determined to find a job and get a place of my OWN. Maybe it was because I was used to coming and going as I pleased when I was away from home, maybe it was because I was striving for complete independence. But, whatever my intrinsic reason was, after about 6 months of living under my folks’ roof, I moved. It took courage, but at 22 I stepped out there on my own and did my thing.

I had a job that I didn't like, it paid the bills but I strived to find something better. I experienced working in a field that I didn't care for and now I'm pushing towards changing my career route, becoming my own business woman and going back to school for my Master’s degree. Point being, I'm always striving for that next step. True, I have gotten comfortable in my life and settled in, sometimes even loosing hope but then something always kicks me in the rear or knocks me in the head and says "Hey, you’ve got to keep it moving!"

I know some people out there that are settling for mediocrity in their life.

Life is too short. Like dude said on the movie ATL, "Keep it movin' SON!!!"

Don't just settle for less in life, keep striving for that next level!

Remember, "Slow motion better, than no motion" - Common on "The Food"

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