The "List": What Are Your Top Ten MUST Have's When Dating a Man?

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To follow up my "Tuesday Topic" on the "Perfect Guy", I thought I would do a post about "The List", which was inspired by an article I read last Friday on Clutch Magazine. Some of us have strick one's, others are more leaniant when it comes to looking for a man.

The biggest complaint I hear from friends (and that I also experienced when dating) is that finding a man with all of these qualities in one body is more than a challenge today.

So with that being said, "What are your top ten characteristics/qualities you look for in a man?"

Do you have a list? If so, SHARE!

To kick things off I'll share my old list.

Here's MY Top Ten "List"
* These are not necessarily in order, strickly MY thoughts and opinions so please don't get mad!*

1. Must believe in and have a relationship with God
2. Must have his OWN place
3. NO criminal record
4. Have to have a job
5. Must not drink excessively
6. Can't use drugs (Yes, weed is a drug. Don't get it twisted!)
7. Must have his OWN car
8. Can't be a habitual liar (No frontin')
9. Must like to have a good time (I don't like sitting in the house a lot)
10. Must know how to return phone calls in a timely manor

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