Monday Inspiration: Possitive Mantra's for a Job You Can't Stand

If you're blessed to be able to do a job you like, this post isn't really for you.

This post is for those of us, who wake up to the alarm on Monday (or everyday, depending on how bad your job sucks) and say, "Damn, it's Monday again!"

So for all of us who can't stand our job, here's a list inspirational sayings or (Mantras) to adopt:

*See it, believe it, and you'll achieve it
*This isn't permanent
*It’s not the end of the line
*Let go, and let god!
*Trust in the lord and lean not to your own understanding
*I can do all this thru Christ which strengthens me
*No one can make you feel inferior without your permission
*Leave perfection up to god

P.S. These also can be applied for everyday life :)

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