Summer Music Stuff that I was Sleep On

I like "Cookie Cutter" music sometimes, but most of all I like the "outside the box" kind of stuff. The stuff that you don't always hear on the radio. I haven't really been up on my music like I used to but the names I keep hearing on other sites and on my social networks are Frank Ocean this, Tyler "The Creator" that and Big Sean this. Most recently I heard that Kanye aka "Yeezie" had said :

So I was like,"Who is this dude Big Sean, What's a Tyler The Creator and Who is Frank Ocean? Is he Billy Ocean's son?" (Yes, I know I'm goofy for that one :P). I felt like I had been living under a rock, so I decided to check them out. I can't really say I've been a huge hip-hop fan as of lately. Everything sounds the same the majority of the time and I get bored, with the same 'ol same 'ol. But these guys seem to be walking to the beat of a different drum, something I like and respect.

So... here's the verdict:

Frank Ocean's sound, is hard to put into words for me . I've listened to his mixtape "Nostalgiaultra" about 3 times already.They call him an R&B artist but to me he could be some hybrid of a neo-soul and pop-rock artist. I'm diggin' his sound for sure. He mixes it up! On the song, "Novacane", he sings over heavy drums and then on "American Wedding" he switches it up with rock guitar. Wow! Talk about versitility!
Shout out toDJ Q" "DJ Q" for posting Frank Ocean videos to his facebook for those of us who were still sleep on this dude.

Big Sean seems to be a hit maker and I do like the "My Last" joint he has out on the radio with Chris Brown."Getcha Some" is a nice bouncy tune also. But as far as substance goes....mmmm well... Liquor,Cars, big booty Girls, Partying, Clothes and Money. Haven't we seen this done time and time before lol.Hey, but I guess someone's gotta keep us movin' in the clubs right?

Ok, as for Tyler The Creator, he reminds me of that weird dude who used to sit at the back of the class in high school and rap to himself or the one you would see sittin' by himself with headphones on at lunch rappin' to himself. He's kind of far out for me. I looked at his video "She" featuring his friend Frank Ocean and "Yonkers". Ummm, yeah....Not really feelin' him, but his beats are kinda hot, I guess. o_0

In the end, I guess it all good though. I like a variety of music and most of all I respect their hustle. Even if some of it is regurgitated sounds and ideas.

What do y'all think? Thumbs up or Thumbs down to these guys?
Thoughts, Opinions, COMMENTS!


  1. I like Big Sean. He is such a cutie and his lyrics are nice. Idk too much about the other two. Looks like I have to do some youtube research lol!

  2. Hey Miss Dre,
    I didn't really know anything about any of them either. Thank goodness for YouTube LOL!