Tuesday Topic: Stop LOOKING for Love....I swear it works!

They say, "If you're looking for something,you'll find it!"

When I was dating, I was trying to do just that. Search Look, for the love. Unfortunatly, that only brought me lonely nights, unreturned phone calls, Charles, Jason, Rich and the list goes on and on LOL.

I was asked by a friend, "What's the problem with looking?", he said "how else are you gonna find something if you don't look."

I used to think the same way, but for some reason when I stopped looking is when I found exactly what I was looking for.

I think when you go out there looking for "someone special", you find just that. Someone special!

Are you catching what I'm saying?

But don't get me wrong ladies...like I've said in my other posts,love will not happen by shutting yourself or your heart off from the world.

Guys will not just magically fall into your lap, unless you're just that bad. So sitting at home with momma, or girlfriend or who ever on the couch man-bashing is not going to get you anywhere (You know who I'm talking to).

When you're ready for love, it will happen. Lonelyness sucks I know...
But Stop forcing stuff!!!!


I know some of you are saying, "How does she know it works?"
Ask me and I'll tell you...

COMMENTS! Let get a discussion going...


  1. How do u know it works?

  2. How do you know it works?? hahah just felt like asking since its the last thing you said :P
    .. But yeah, I agree with you. You are not going to find love sitting there on your couch and all but you can't force it either... it's quite complicated, but i think at the end it always happens sooner or later :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I've been trying to get a guy friend to want me as more than friends, with no real success (meaning we were doing the friends with benefits thing but not dating). Then, a few weeks ago, a mutual friend of ours invited me to a party, where I ended up finding the possibility of a relationship with that mutual friend. If I decided against going out that night, I might have missed out on this newfound relationship. Take a chance, go out and socialize! You'll never know what will happen by the end of the night!

  4. To Anonymous,

    I know it works because I've been married for two years now.The story is my husband is the same guy I had a crush on since we were like 12. We first met in 7th grade. I liked him but he never knew it, and he liked me but I never knew it.
    Now,in 2006 and I had just gotten out a long term relationship (6 years) gone wrong. I thought I needed to be with someone. I had always liked having a boyfriend and was used to keeping one. I was always looking for that next special someone. I had dated a couple of different guys after, I broke up with the guy from the 6 year relationships but it seemed every guy was just wrong.
    At 22, I was thinking I was basically goin to be single for the rest of my life. I had graduated from school, I was getting an apartment and a dog and I was going to be happy by myself B.S. free.
    I kid you not, I had given up on finding love. When I went out I had stopped looking for guys to talk to. Then my now husband ended up emailing me out of the blue and asking me for drinks and giving me his number so we could catch up. The rest is history. That’s why I say don’t force it. Love will come. You just have to be patient. -Nikki

  5. Hey Sauniya,

    LOL Read the story above if you want to know how I know it works! You're right the whole love thing is complicated!

    Thanks for reading!


  6. Hey Casey Leigh,

    Thanks for reading! Yes, you have to get out and just live life. The rest will come. I know so many friends who shut themselves off to the possibility of love. Getting out there is hard. Hopefully you and that mutual friend get something going :)


  7. Nicole, my story is crazy similar to yours! I knew my husband for years before we fell in love. And after a very long and intense relationship with someone else fell apart, I was pretty much done with men. Then the rest is history. I had said I'd stopped looking plenty of times, but that happened when I REALLY stopped looking. Much to my surprise. You know?

  8. Hey Jana,

    LOL! Wow! It's so crazy that you had a similar experience also. That's so cool! See I told y'all I "knew" LOL.

    Thanks for your comment Jana and for reading!