"What's Hot Wednesday": Now & Then

This used to be my group back in the day!!! I collected ALLL of the posters out of Right On! Magazine and Word Up!

I had no clue they released this video earlier this year. It say's Marques Houston ft. Immature but whatever! It's all three of them together.
Did anyone see this video yet? With 500,000 some views I'm guessing alot of people either didn't care or didn't see it either.
The song is kinda nice :) The dancin' however looks like they tryin' do moves like lil brother Omarion LOL. Check it out!

This was my jam back in the day!!! I still have the cd's and the posters!


  1. Hi hun, there's an award over at my blog for you :)

  2. Wwowww, throwbacks!

    I actually have an award for you to on my blog :D: http://carrymel.blogspot.com/2011/07/i-dont-know-what-to-say.html