I Can't Believe It's Been Ten Years.....Wait a minute yes I can!

A lot can happen in 10 years. Went to College, finished College, moved out, had two not-so-good first jobs out of college, got married, got pregnant, became a writer, loss pregnancies, started two of my own businesses. Wheeew (Wipes forehead), who knows what's next.

Sometimes for me it feel just like yesterday. High School was overall a good experience for me. It didn't totally suck and I can't say it totally rocked. I was more of a College girl.

But anyways, via Facebook I'm finding out that there’s a group that has been created and many of my fellow former classmates are planning a shin dig of sorts.

I can't really say I'm excited though. Me and my husband graduated from the same high school and still live in the general area (about 20 blocks) from the high school we attended. We see many of our classmates around town already, and are still friends with many of them.

So "Class Reunion", for us may turn out to be a "Hey, didn't I just see you at the club or on the grocery store the other day reunion."

Call me a party pooper, I guess.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. Ha! Good point, but it might be fun. You seem like a go getter. Great Blog!

  2. Thanks!Yep a go-getter I guess I am. I might go since the hubby wants to go.We'll see

  3. Wow you have been through so much for a person still so young....but glad you've come out alright through it all. x

    So has the reuninon taken place yet?