"Monday Morning Inspiration": Be Thankful, Cherish Life!

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

On a sad note, Rest In Peace to Amy Winehouse.

I wish she would have submitted to the treatment she needed to kick her habit, so she could have been around to make more good music for us. I really enjoyed her first album! It's so sad her life had to end that way.

On a brighter note...

It's Monday again, first day of the week. First day back to work after the weekend *sigh*. If you are reading this, it means you are still amongst the living, Thank God this morning!

Let's be productive this week? What are your goals for the week? What are you looking to accomplish?

I know I'm working on some very exciting things! What are you working on?

Let's not take for granite that we are here yet another day, another week to accomplish our dreams and live!

Enjoy my pick for Monday Morning Inspirational song :

See you tomorrow for the "Tuesday Topic"!