"Thursday Thoughts": Love After Heartbreak

By now everyone knows over the weekend singer Monica got married, again, to Lakers Guard, Shannon Brown. Keyshia Cole married earlier this year to baller Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. One of my all time favorite singers, Mary J. Blige married after singing about her hurt and pain for nearly a decade. These ladies were singing about heartbreak, and have made some of the best love songs.

As I was looking through the pics of the wedding, I was thinking. Being in love is so wonderful! So many times we dwell on the pain and hurt so I wanted to take a moment out and dwell on the good. That's my Thursday Thought!


  1. I love weddings. I cried at one recently. I still hold out hope there's a good man out there for me, because I want my own wonderful wedding and marriage some day.


  2. Aww, I haven't been to a wedding in ages. I'm not the typical girl though that plans weddings from the age of 9 or something, LOL. I'll wait till it happens then start stressing.

    These gals will still continue to make great music though.


  3. I'm going to a wedding tomoro, yay! I've given up on planning for one, but it'd still be nice to get married :D X

  4. Hey Shannon,Tesh and Kam,

    Thanks for your comments. Weddings are fun to go to. Planning is heck though! I hated wedding planning and hope I will never ever have to do it again.

    These ladies still make great music, you're right!


  5. Very true. I love these ladies. Monica inspires me the most. Sometimes if all you're faced is pain you become numb. Not saying that's all one knows, but it's hard at times when you no longer know that good feeling.

  6. Love this post:)

    actually love them all, there always fun/interesting reads! keep up the great work!