"Topic Tuesday": Relationships and Facebook? What Are Your Boundaries?

Hope everyone had a superb 4th of July! I know I needed the break!

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Facebook hit my college campus about 2004/2005. At first it was a fun way to just connect with friends. Then he decided to sign on to Facebook too. At the time he was going to another school 45 minutes away here in Kansas City. Little did I know that it would become a way for us to spy on each other from a far and start many a argument!

When I got married I voluntarily deleted many old "Facebook friends" I had prior to getting married. Not all but some. I've been open and my husband knows who all of them are. Many people I had to delete from my "Facebook friends" were due to the whole six degrees of separation thing (You know those people you’re friends with, one person who knows another person who you do not necessarily want to be friends with). I still do some Facebook friends cleaning from time to time.

Facebook is on our phones now right, which makes it easily as accessible to go through as going through your man’s phone book of call log.
I know for a fact my husband has deleted “Facebook friends” from my profile without me knowing and I have done the same to him LOL.

Why? Well that may be another topic for another Tuesday.:)
Even though I’m not really in contact with these people per say why (I see them on my timeline, wish them happy birthday, but don’t hold conversations with them) and haven’t necessarily actually talked to them in years
There was an article a couple of months ago about the divorce rate and Facebook and how it had contributed to the divorce rate.It's defintly changed how we communicate with others and made a lot of people's lives an open book.

We’ve also had the whole discussion about guy/girl "friends" writing on your wall, commenting on pictures, and inbox-ing. What’s ok, what’s not? I know there are different “boundaries” for everyone.


What are your boundaries, relationship wise, when it comes to Facebook? Do you have any? Do you care if your ex’s are “Facebook friends” on your significant others Facebook page? Do you get into argument’s about who your boyfriend/husband has talked to on Facebook?

Comments! Let’s get a discussion started!


  1. Ohh cool topic!

    I don't really care if he's still friends with his ex, but I know I'm not friends with mine. For good reason, too. I also don't really nitpick about who he speaks to on Facebook because he's naturally a friendly person but when I see something that might be getting out of hand, I address it.

    His only thing is that he doesn't like when guys leave picture comments about how I look, my body, etc. He doesn't care who my friends are and as far as I know, he hasn't deleted any of my friends.

  2. I think I have too many. It's time to lose some of those instead of losing the men. Then again if they can't hang they aren't worth it, right:-)

  3. Carrymel,

    I feel you on that. I don't address it unless it gets out of hand,which rarely happens. He doesn't like when dudes leave comments on my pictures, it doesn't happen anymore but it used to.

    Thanks for the comment dear!!!

    -Nikki :)

  4. Hey L'Arin,

    Thanks for the comment babe! I know I probably need to delete some. Why there still there I don't know. I guess I kinda feel like I'm bein mean cause they asked to be my friend first. But then again, I don't care because I don't talk to them anyway or care to know what they're up too. Matter of fact let me go handle that right now LOL (seriously).

    -Nikki :)

  5. The whole Facebook thing/social networks bother me. Just because I dealt with it. I was in a LDR (long distance relationship) Me in Cali him in STL. So yea. Chicks would comment on his pictures and do the most! Then there was the issue of claiming your S/O via Facebook. That maybe petty but to me I don't see a reason not to state who you're in a relationship with (especially if both are serious about the relationship ya know?)
    The real issue is still being in contact with your ex period...on Facebook is just a lower count, but calling & texting oh yes, there's a problem.

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  7. Hey Ashley,

    I agree too. I was in a relationship where he claimed he didn't know how to change the relationship status thingy! I mean come on! LOL.
    Awesome! I'ma go see what award I got right now! Thanks! :)