"Tuesday Topic": Worst First Dates

Random topic for today....

What's been your worst first date ever?

As far as the whole dating experience goes, I haven't had too many bad first dates.

The worst I can remember was when this guy,who tried to pull the 'ol "okie doke" on me. So I was probably like in 11th grade and I had met this guy at a football or basketball game I can't remember which one, but he was cute and so we exchanged numbers. We talked on the phone and I had went to a couple of his track meets and to his house once or twice to hang out, but we weren't officially boyfriend/girlfriend and thank goodness never were.

But we met up at the movie theatre at the mall, my mom dropped me off and this dude was supposed to have already been there when I got there but he wasn't. So I called him and he didn't answer the phone and the movie was starting like in 10 minutes. So I waited and waited and he finally shows up, then when he gets to the window, he looks at me with this awkward face and says, "I forgot my wallet."

At that point, I was pissed. I was tired of walking around the damn mall, so I ended up paying for a movie that was already like 20 minutes started (which still burns me up till this day, I will not go to a movie that's already started).

So since I paid for the movie and he asked me out, I was mad. I was mad he was late then to top it all off, he wanted to know if he could get something to eat too! I was like 16, I wasn't ballin' or anything, I worked at a grocery store for christ sake!

All I remember thinking is this dude better not even try to touch me in this movie theatre or I just might smack him.

Is that tacky or what?

True story!

Post your worst date story!

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  1. What a fraud!!! Ooooh I would have been so tight! & he wanted FOOD too? Is this a joke?!

    Sorry, felt some type of way lol.

    I don't know if I've ever had a really awful "date-date", but I've had some awful encounters with guys. I usually don't give out dates easily so the lames never make it through the first test of conversation lol. I think the worst was with a guy who came over to my house with his breath STINKING after I had to ask my mom to pick him up because even though he was 3 years older than me, he had no car or job -.- Then he kept trying to push his moves on me (which I should have known better about). I was just so angry about his breath and him looking busted at my house I almost couldn't look him in the eye! The nerve.