I Love the 90's...

I reminisce a lot about the good ol' days. When there were no bills, Summer plans consisted of who's house you were going over and what you and your friends or cousins was going to do on the block tomorrow. I miss that sometimes!

Since I was sick for almost a week and a half, in the house, I found many a show to keep me entertained on the "net", between Veetle, Netflix and my DVD collection.

Anybody who knows me know I have a true fetish for vintage stuff but lately I been on my 90's stuff. I have the first season of Martin and Fresh Prince of Bel Air on DVD which I love. I have a ton of 90's music on my computer and in my CD collections too.

But I found out that NickTeen has been showing old 90's shows at night so I looked that up and I've been overdosing on 90's cartoons like, Doug, Kablam, Rugrats and old sitcoms like All That, Kenan and Kel, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Salute Your Shorts.

These bring back such good memories of my childhood! What was your favorite show?

Here are some songs to get you started this morning, my favorite 90's tunes! Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Oh yeah, since the 30-day challenge that was started at the beginning of the month was a fail due to my illness, I'm going to start over next month...hopefully :)


  1. I love the 90s too! I remember when I thought the world was gonna end if I missed an episode of All That, Clarissa Explains it All, or Are You Afraid of the Dark. Wow you brought back such good memories.

    When I saw Digital Underground I instantly thought of that song "Kiss Me And I'll Kiss You Back". My babysitter back in the day used to play that song out lol! Ahhh memories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i was mad excited for TeenNick to com back then, i watched All That again, and it wasnt as funny as i remembered. Disappointed.

  3. Ohhh the nostalgia....thanks for bringing back a smile to my face...
    90's, That was the time of my life ... Remember BlackGirl with their song "I'm the 90's girl, in a 90's world..."lol
    My favourite show was...Moesha and my favourite groups were SWV, Jodeci, Boys to Men, TLC and
    My favourite song was "Summertime" by Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff.

  4. I LOVE the 90's! Aw, remember that show? lol It use to be on VH1. My favorite shows from the 90s would definitely be Rugrats, Kablam!, Are you afraid of the dark, as told by ginger, Clarissa Explains it all, Rocko's Modern life. . .ahhhh so many! I obviously need to get Teen Nick on the cable package for my apartment because this is serious.

  5. LOL! Glad you all can relate!

    @ Miss Dre "Kiss Me and I'll Kiss you back" was the jam too! Still love that song!

    @Gospel Girl...man I need Moesha on DVD too. that was my show. I couldn't even name all my favorite music from the 90's I'd be going on forever!!!!!

    @Nhya...and everyone else

    Here's a secret...go to veetle.com and they have a channel called Nickelodeon Rewind....they show almost all the Nick shows. You have to really search through the channels but it's worth it. Nickelodeon really does need a whole channel with a variety of shows. I was disappointed that they are only bringing back really 5 shows.

    Don't tell noooooooooooooooobody though! LOL

  6. I LOVE 90's shows! My favorites were Clarissa Explains It All and Pete & Pete. I loved to try and scare my sister after Are You Afraid of the Dark. She would get so spooked!

  7. The 90's was definitely my year!

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  8. You and I are sooooo much alike...LOVE THIS POST!!!