T.G.I.F...I'm Back

Happy Friday!

I've been down and out, but I'm back now. I hate being sick!!!

I felt hot and achy my throat hurt like hell and I was coughing like crazy. I kept thinking I could fix it myself with cold meds and honey & lemon tea, but boy was I wrong.

I ended up going to the doctor after 3 days to find out I had strep throat.
I started my meds immediately and by Friday I had almost completely lost my voice. I could barely whisper.

Thank goodness for my husband taking good care of me.

Also thank goodness for Netflix and my laptop that has kept me good company.

You never know when you'll be knocked on your butt! Thank God for your health daily.

Special shout out and thanks to my fellow blogger girl Nhya from Khaki Not, Cocky for yet a another wonderful blog award and mention. What a wonderful gift to come back to!


  1. take care ya! no worries.. we will wait for your next blog! be healthy!! ^_^

  2. Oh no....sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope hubby will spoil u like a princess. :)
    Hope to see u back soon. x

  3. Sorry you've been sick! I hope u feel better, doll. Congrats on ur award!

  4. @Miss Dre and Gospel Girl Thanks for the get well wishes!