"For The Love Of Money":Is it really worth it?

Sometime you have to ask yourself this, on several occasions and in different situations. But, in this instance I’m talking about your job. What do you get up and go to work to do? Do you like it, or are you just there for the income?
Most of us young ladies reading this are just starting out or beginning to seriously think about what career field you want to actually go into. To those of you who actually are choosing your career field or thinking about what career field to go into, I urge you to do some serious soul searching and research before you rack up that school debt and dig into your parents pockets for tuition because let me tell you… Money isn’t everything!But for some it’s everything. You may think becoming a nurse, a lawyer or an accountant is going to be great because you’ll make decent income is great but if you hate people, hate numbers and don’t like to argue…the above listed career fields are not going to pay off in the end.
My point being this Monday morning for the folks who woke up this morning, drove to woke and sat in the parking lot in your car before going into the building because you have to give yourself a serious pep talk (especially on Mondays) just getting up and going to go into work, so you can get that paycheck on Friday isn’t beneficial for long. Trust me I know the feeling of literally being sick at work because you’re stressed.I’ve been there where you just stayed at a job because you REALLY needed the money, but it may be making you sick…I’m talking literally!
It is at that point that we have to say? Is it really worth it?
So my question today to my readers is, does money make it all worth it? Even if you have a job that really stinks? Do you still stay if it’s affecting your health?


  1. I wouldn't say just stay regardless of your feelings towards this work position/ career choice. However, life doesn't have to be about extremes, I'd say keep the job and work towards transferring or upgrading to a different or alternatively better job. Bills won't wait until you're happy at work, but working towards a different path, whilst still paying your way seems reasonable enough :) X

  2. I agree.Very true bills don't wait!

    Thanks Kam!

    -Nicole ALiciA

  3. Hey girlie! Great post. I agree w/ Kam... them bills won't wait until you're happy! ;0)
    I made the mistake of quitting my job because I wasn't happy (A bigger mistake: thinking that I had a supportive spouse who understood and would be there). It's been 6 months and I've yet to land an alternative yet satisfying full-time job, I'm in the process of getting a divorce and I'm miserable as hell (more so than I ever was at that job!). My thoughts: The Monday-morning-parking-lot-pep-talk might be necessary to keep your sanity while getting things in order before you bounce. My suggestion to anyone going through it is seek more knowledge/education, perhaps take on a side job or volunteer work doing what it is that you love (or think you'd love) until the time is right to make the transition to that dream job.