*NEW* Nicole Alicia's Portfolio

This Summer I was quite busy adding to my portfolio.

Check out a few articles I've written over the past couple of months:

DJ Diamond Diva Article

Dating At Work

Monica Article

See my full portfolio of work at: Nicole Alicia's Full Portfolio


  1. Wait. You make layouts? Please say yes! lol. I'm actually looking for someone who can make a layout for my blog site & possible my mentoring website. Please let me know/prices (I'll email you NOW if I find your email address on your page, hit me up some kind of way)...I love the different things that you're doing. Inspiring.

  2. You go girl! Keep up the good work! I hope to be adding to my portfolio soon and very soon. This is inspiring :)

  3. Hey Miss Dre,

    Thanks so much!!! Glad to be an inspiration :)

  4. Ashley,

    Sorry miss lady, no I don't know how to make layouts those are just screen shots of other websites. I don't know of anyone who does them either, but if I run across someone I'll let you know. Thanks!

  5. my, my, my, you have been busy! I should be adding to my portfolio too! This is inspiring me :)