I'm A Gamer!

The title of this post is so true ladies.

I love video games! Maybe not as much as makeup, nail polish or fashion. But I definitly have a love for it.

When I was about 5 years old, my uncle was in his early 20's and lived at my grandmothers house. I thought his room was the coolest thing, the walls were covered with Run DMC posters and such and he had a Nintendo.

He taught me how to play Super Mario Brothers and even let me play duck hunt, which I thought was the coolest. I've been hooked ever since.

Then came Sega, Playstation and such. I even used to battle the guys in my dorm playing Fight Night, and I would win too.

Now, I'm on Batman: Arkham City and Gods of War for PS3. These games are so addictive!!!!

I have to make myself go to bed. I know one of my followers says she plays God of War too. My cousin plays Modern Warfair: Black Ops also but these are the only female gamer I know of. I know there's more of us out there.

It was a relief to find out I wasn't the only female who is an avid gamer though. Usually people give you the side eye, like "You're a dork" or "That's guy stuff".

Are anymore of my followers gamers or like to play video games out there? Do you know of someone who's a gamer. If not you should try it, it's super fun. Be warned though, you will get sucked in.

Then, you'll probably understand why your boyfriend/husband sits on that PS3 or X-box for hours. It is indeed ADDICTIVE!

P.S-I still have a Nintendo I pull out from time to time and a Sega Genesis.


  1. lol I love video games, but they have to have a decent plot, my fave game is Prince of Persia, me and my girl flatmate play it together now too haha! I've watched cutscenes from God of War; that stuff looks savage, why must he kill every god lol :p Xx

  2. I remember when I was little, my parents bought my sister and I a Nintendo...and I was like "What is this about?" I was terrible at it. My mom ended up saving the Princess...and we were all pissed when we learned there was more to the game.... I have (well had, as is was destroyed in a fire) a Wii. Aside from Wii Sports, Just Dance and MJ Dance Experience...I'm just ...eh about it. My sister and I were stuck in World 5 of Super Mario Bros for over a year!

  3. I was addicted to God of War I, I would wake up early to play it before work... Yes I was that bad. lol I'm trying to beat God of War 2, then I'll get to three. I can't stop cheating on youtube. Those puzzles are hard. I watch my B.F play Batman, but I think it's too advanced for me. Lol So, good to know I'm not the only one who knows God of War ROCKS!! (Wow, that was lame.) HAha

    Always, T


  4. Hey Kam,

    I think I might try Prince of Persia. I like "mission" games also. God of War is gorry but the graphics and storyline suck me in.

  5. Erin,

    I like the "Just Dance" games too! I play over at my cousin's house but I need to get my own. It's great exercise!

  6. LOL Tarah! I was reading your post also about playing God of War and I was like whaaaaa!!!! I feel like such a dork though being into all this greek mythology stuff but it's interesting!

  7. I love video games too! My dad used to buy me the latest systems as a child, so that was one thing he and I had in common. I remember playing Mortal Combat and Tekken all day and night, until my mom threatened to take my games away. Now I like to play Just Dance and Don King Prizefighter on the Win and nearly everything on the Xbox 360 from Dance Central to NBA 2k11.

    It's so cool to see other women gamers! I love this post, Nicole!

  8. Hehe... I'm a gamer. Who just happens to be a girl. I love games more than makeup! :) My parents put an NES controller in my hand at the age of 2 and I've been playing since then! Sonic is my favorite character. I likE PC games more though and RPGS are my favorites! :)