I’m In Love…With Makeup That Is

I know I’m a little late.
But to be honest I’ve never ever worn much of the stuff. I started out with lip-gloss and mascara in middle school and high school but the stuff always looked so time intensive for me. I was always more concerned with what I was wearing and hair and nails whether than makeup.

But guess what…

At 27 1 month and 20 days, I’m all into it!!!

I guess I was inspired a bit by a fellow young co-worker who I noticed does flawless eye makeup. This one day I came into work and she had these different shades of purple to match her shirt. It looked so difficult, but like something out of a photo shoot.

“I was like how did you do that?”

She was like what? I told her makeup looks flawless, all the time and I wish I could do that. She was like, “Girl if I can do it you can do it, it’s simple.”
I’ve been hooked ever since.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t like I just have never used makeup. I’ve had foundation and powder and different neutral color eye shadows, but I rarely use the stuff. My skin is pretty even toned so I really don't like to use foundation that often either.
I usually only wear makeup when go out, but now I’m almost making it a point not to leave the house with out it. Even if I’m just wearing sweats and going down the street to the gas station. But I just keep getting sucked in looking at tutorials now and makeup blogs. It’s fabulous!

I’m starting to put together a fairly good makeup collection and I’m excited!

What do you guys think about this look? I might try it and post pictures of me copying this tutorial. But until then here's Mimi J, Atlanta makeup artist doing a mini tutorial on how to do a smokey green eye shadow look! I love it!

Later :)

-Nicole Alicia


  1. Go girlie!!! Makeup is so fun and so easy to get sucked up in. I never want to leave the house without it now, though I do on occasion lol. What kind of items are you adding to your collecion?

  2. Thanks! I have this mad eyeshadow addiction right now. I also added some liquid eyeliner, concealer and I'm on the hunt for a really good eyeshadow pallette. I love it, I look a bit different with makeup and its a good feeling.


  3. I have a BH Cosmetics 120 palette and it is awesome! The colors are so rich and pigmented. You should try it!