Notebook vs. Laptop

Jay-Z doesn’t even have to write his rhymes down…every time I think about that it blows my mind and gives me inspiration. But me, I battle with myself between using an actual pen and paper and my notebook vs. just typing it out.

I guess it comes mainly the way I was trained in school. In elementary we would always have to handwrite everything as a “first draft” then type it out on the computer. This is a hard habit for me to break for some reason. Then some days (like today) I jump straight on the computer and just type out my thoughts, no problem.

I know it’s just mostly a writer's preference. Often times when I’m out, I’ll just use my Blackberry to write out ideas, a scrap of paper or my little Moleskine notebooks I carry with me in my purse.

I guess it doesn’t matter, just a thought I would throw this question out there though.

What do you guys prefer, notebooks aka pen and paper or just your laptop or computer?

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  1. Funny, I battle between the two myself. I like to write in a notebook but for the most part I just go to my laptop.