Why I Switched Back

Last month I made the switch back. Yes, I went back to the creamy crack aka Relaxers! I had been natural for 15 months (July 2010 to October 2011) or a little over a year.

The Natural community would probably call me a "backslider". I'm sorry, but I just simply could not do it anymore. I'm really not a person who likes to fool with my hair everyday, but I don't like it to be in one style for too long either. It gets very boring and redundant for me to wear my hair the same ALL the time.

However, even though I like to switch up my styles a lot. I don't have a lot of time to fool with it. With my natural hair, if you didn't braid it or twist it or slick it down the night before, in the morning you had no choice but to wear a straight 'fro. And I was tired of the 'fro.

When I get ready to go to sleep, I wanna go to sleep not braid my hair, not twist it. This is where I got very frustrated. I tried wearing the twist in and braids but my hair never really reached a length that I really like wearing the twist out in.

I tried a sew-in as well (for about 7 days) but I'm not one to keep it in for long. Why you may ask, because it itches and I hate not being able to scratch my own scalp. It's annoying!!!

I loved the versitility of being natural and being about to wear my hair straight or curly though but I became a product junky y'all. It was not good! I was spending sometimes $30 to $50 a paycheck on hair supplies.

I have to say I liked it, but it was a struggle for me. So, I'd  like to take a few moments of silence for my natural hair. Rest in Peace. Maybe I'll see you again, but for now it's all about being silky straight!

More reports on my hair changes soon to come.


  1. lovin the natural hair look

  2. This is why I never went natural, I dreaded the maintenance. My hair is still thick as it is and I can still wear it curly and big like a fro.. minus the shrinkage. I say more power to ya for trying the natural thing! But, I love my creamy crack. lol

    I like you're blog. I'm following you. :)

    Always, T