Maybe I'll Write Again....One Day

Hello All,

I kept saying the above title to myself, over and over again. Why did stop writing/blogging? Maybe it was because I lost motivation again after yet loosing another pregnancy at the begining of this year. Maybe it's been because I've been on a mad paper chase and trying to redeem myself by actually getting a career that I'm happy with.All along convincing myself that the lovely leather bound college degree that sits on my mantle was indeed not a waste.

Whatever my excuse was it has plagued me for months. So, I've decided to start writing again. Hopefully more consistantly like before. But we'll see.

At 27, I do need to stop making excuses and just do what makes me happy.


  1. Nicole. I've been thinking about ya. I'm sorry for your lost. I think most of us bloggers lose motivation from time to time. I do. So it's natural. Like you said, do what makes you happy. We as women tend to put everything & everyone else before US. I wish you the best. God bless :)

  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope you've been ok. Good to have you back. Keep writing, and stay happy, love kam xxx

  3. Thanks ladies for the condolences. I have missed you all! I can't wait to get back to it. I guess I did just need a break. Great to hear from you all!Thanks again for the support

    -Nicole Alicia!