"Homegirl Don't Play That"

Hey Girls!

Today's topic is "Homegirl Don't Play Dat".

Y'all know based off of the "In Living Color" sketch and good 'ol Homie Da Clown ....
I may start doing one of these kinds of posts every week because I have a lot I could talk about that my readers could relate to.

Now I have a lot of pet peeves and stuff that I don't go for, but today specifically I'd like to speak on the subject of "Un-needed drama."

Yes, drama. I am a fan of reality TV. I love it!!! It's good wholesome, mindless entertainment. But In real life, In my own life I hate it, I don't like it, don't stand for it and I never have. I am a passive-aggressive individual and I am fully aware of it. Most who really know me, know this.

If I were to liken my personality toward drama to a reality TV star it would probably be Kandi Burress from "Housewives of Atlanta". I don't feed into drama, but if you push me, I can go there.

So, as the latest episode of drama in my life happened a few weeks ago. This certain someone I had not spoken to in quite sometime, for a list of reasons that are way too long to keep my fellow bloggers attention. Anyways she saw me out and about and I gave a nice cordial wave and kept it moving. She decided to come over and try and start a conversation.

I told her things were fine and that was that. Mind you I hadn't spoken to this person in about a year over some stuff I don't even really remember why I stopped talking to her in the first place, however the next day this girl called me to re-hash some old stuff. Which brings me to my point....

Let's all say it together....

"Homegirl Don't Play Dat"

DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT call me with mindless re-hashment of old stuff! This is not an episode of "Basketball Wives" I will not entertain childish comments like, "I don't kiss a@$ for no one."

So with that being said, tune in tomorrow for my post on:
"When Extending The Olive Branch Doesn't Work."


-Nicole Alicia

P.S>>>>>A big shout out to Miss Dre and Ashley for being consistant supporters of my blogging efforts, although sporatic! I think I'm back and am slowly climbing out of my black hole!!! Love y'all :)


  1. very interesting, i like your blog because you talk about a lot of diff things almost how my blog is. its fun to read because it never gets boring. Keep it up!