?Question for the Day?

Does your life revolve around work?


Does work revolve around your life?

Which should it be? How is it for you? Do you feel you're getting the most out of life?

Lately my life is revolving around work...

I feel this is something I need to work on changing!

-Nicole Alicia


  1. I think it should be a balance. However, at this age sometimes my life revolves around work because this is the age when pursuing your career should be a priority and the social/love life will always be there you know. Always make time for you, and make sure your happy. But if you're pursing the right career, then it shouldn't be so much "work". You know.

  2. I feel you on this comment NeverJaded! I just can't get the balance thing right now. I will keep pushing until I get it right though!