Don’t Let Anyone Diminish Your Accomplishments


I was reading this article the other day where Jay-Z had said,

“Don’t let anybody try and diminish your accomplishments’.”

I REALLY agree with this statement!---------------->Well put HOV!

He had recently come under ridicule for the percentage of ownership he has with the Brooklyn Nets. Yes it is relatively small, but how many of US can say we have ownership in a NBA team?

This statement can apply to so many things in life. Education wise, Job wise, Career wise, hobby wise, you name it! It can be things both Big and Small.

I have had criticism come against me several times for doing what I do or have done.

Some try to say that furthering your Education is worthless and a waste of time. I started to feed into this and several others I know had also once we had got out of school and started looking for a job and it was hard.

But mom told me, “Don’t ever down play the fact that you have a degree. You earned it and nobody can take that away from you. Not everyone gets to go to College and mostly certainly not everyone who goes to College finishes”

I had almost forgot that, “YES” finishing College and getting my degree was indeed a true accomplishment.

People say that bloggers are not “writers”. They are just people with laptops who think they are writers. Or that your not a writer, because you haven’t had anything “officially” published in black and white.

However, this maybe true to some, but also not everyone has the ability to form sentences, be creative and devise a work of fiction or form educated opinions on things (e.i Excluding the tabloid bloggers and people who just spread dirty rumors).

Writing is a gift! I consider it an accomplishment to have a blog, have readers and get feedback from my readers.

Jay-Z is right! Ownership is Ownership.What you have is yours! Whether it’s 98% or a fraction of 1%.

So the next time someone tries to down play what you have accomplished, you might want to ask them,

“What have you done lately?”

Nicole Alicia

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