Monday Morning Inspiration:Lost

My husband and I were having a conversation about going out into the world and sharing about God and Church with my Aunt, and how it's not alway a good situation.Typically when you speak to people and share the light of Jesus their heart must be open to receive what you are sharing with them or it will be kind of like speaking to a brick wall.

She was sharing with us the annalogy of a child that is lost in a department store. Usually, they are scared, don't know where to go and are need of help in finding their parent.

Now imagine that there are people [adults] in this world that have this same isssue. They are lost, scared, lack direction and are need of help in finding there parent, but are blind to the fact that they are lost in the world.

My dad and I call it being "sleep".

Just something to think about on this Monday morning...

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