I am Unashamed

Hey all,

Went to this concert this weekend in Sheffield Life Center in Kansas City (by the way this church is freakin' huge) and it was awesome!!!!

It was amazing to see all the different people from all walks of life, old and young come together to not only hear some good music, but also for the purpose of the message that was being delivered from these artist about being a proud Christian and about Jesus.

I'm not really that into Gospel Rap but my husband is.
I prefer my Gospel music more like Kirk Franklin or John P. Kee than say a lyricist, but hey it's cool it's growing on me :)

The message that these young men have in their music is wonderful, and I dig that... so I try and focus on that more than the style of delivery.

Plus they performed like no other I've seen in concert.

 If you're not familiar with who Trip Lee, LeCrae, Andy Mineo and Tedashi and others are check out their website and some of their music:


-Nicole Alicia

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