I caught it...

It...yes it...It being this Cold/Flu crap that's being going around town, at the job, around the whole US, etc.

It started Friday when I started getting this funny feeling in my tummy. You know that icky feeling like what you just ate, might not stay where it's supposed to. Yeah that feeling.

I felt achey and still crappy on Saturday and Sunday and just slept alot. I don't have really that much congestion but I'm still taking meds just in case.

Has anyone had this crud yet?


P.S. Not a good way to spend my 3-day weekend :(


  1. Oooh sorry you're ill hun, the only thing I can recommend is lots of sleep and herbal teas! Mint tea, and lemon and ginger tea always seem to revive me!! Hope you're feeling better soon :) x

  2. Noooo, -teearrss-. I don't want you to have the flu. Well, we're praying for you over here (and I'm assuming by now you're better).