NYE 2012

Hello all and Happy New Years!!!

Last night was quite a "movie" for me!!!

Me and my husband conquered the snow and cold to go to #Skyfall This New Years Eve party thrown by Goode Entertainment that we had baught advanced VIP tickets for at the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Kansas City in the Power & Light district.

First of all let me say I was a bit skeptical of going out last night in the first place....

A) I hate the cold!!!
B) We had previously last month went to 3 different parties/events and they all were all... ahhhhh to say  the least a bit disappointing. One we even purchase advanced tickets for and then when we got there the line was so long and the club so stupid, dumb packed....we never got in. We just left!  *side eye to a certain someone by the name of Mark* LOL

Ok,ok, I may be a bit of a "Negative Nancy" for saying that last bit, but anyways....last night was very nice.

The venue is very artsy and classic [see above photo]. It had a nice ambiance to it. Me and my honey were able to get a table right by the ledge so we could look over and see downstairs. The drinks were right, music was right and they even had yummy food!

DJ Q and DJ Lights out also did a great job of keeping the party jumping as well.

Midnight had almost arrived and we proceeded downstairs to the dance floor where they had the balloon drop and toasted in the New Year. I even got sprayed with champagne but I wasn't even mad my hair was nearly ruined, I was having such an awesome time.

I started this post with two negatives, so let me end with two positives:

A) Thank God we found a really close parking spot...I didn't have to freeze my bunz off!!!
B) One of the guys who put on the event actually came and shook our hands and thanked us for coming!!! What a nice guy!

I'm excited for the New Year! I have some very exciting things that I am working on and can't wait to see the outcome.---> In life and with my writing :)

Hope everyone had a great time last night as well where ever you were!

Be blessed in the New Year!!!

-Nicole Alicia :)

P.S. Shout out to Goode Ent. for putting on such a wonderful and most of all "Classy" Event!!!

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  1. Happy New Year! My Hubby and I decided to stay home and 'recreate' our very first New Year's together (a romantic night in bed!).

    Glad ya'll had fun and you didn't freeze your bunz off! ;0)