Questions that Flow Through My Mind At Work

I've been having quite a rough time at work...

We just got done with year end stuff and then I turn around an it's the beginning of the year now and it's still a bit nuts at the office. I'm tired! My mind wanders a bit sometime though...

Do you ever just sit at your desk and have mindless chatter going on in your head?

I do...

Maybe I'm a little bit crazy, but that's ok. I think I've been aware of this for sometime. I get a lot good story ideas while at work though from these coversations I have in my head.

I have to laugh sometimes because I imagine an episode of Akward Black Girl and here, B*@$#es be trippin' in my head. LOL

Here's a little taste of what goes through my head in a typical 8 hour adventure that most refer to as work....

1) What day is it again?
2) What am I doing here?
3) How did I get here again?
4) How many hours until lunch?
5) Friday, Friday, Friday when are you coming?
6) What am I gonna make for dinner?
7) I wish she would...No she didn't just...
8) I am so sleepy
9) Whew! Only an hour left...
10) I need a vacation

Tell me if I'm nuts or not in the comments section or even what goes through your mind at work :)

-Nicole Alicia

1 comment:

  1. Girl yes!!! You are definitely not nuts. This is me EVERY DAY at my job... While I'm grateful to have it, I sometimes wish I was filty rich and never had to use that horrible 'W" word (WORK) ever again LOL

    BTW, Awkward Black Girl is my sh!t...