Kansas City Sneakerfest 2013

This weekend was great!

I lots of needed rest and on Saturday before the snow storm started in Kansas City, Missouri Saturday afternoon I went to what was the first "Sneakerfest" downtown at Municipal Auditorium.

I am becoming a "Sneakhead". I used to be crazy about purses and I am still, now I'm hooked on shoes. Dress and Sneakers.

Recently I got to visit Niketown in Chicago, which was magnificent! They had so many unique shoes that I had not seen before and I had to get a pair of coarse.

So back to this "Sneakerfest" they held this weekend. I was looking to see a variety of shoes and possibly buy something unique to buy for myself.

It was a good first event overall.

The music was played by my favorite local DJ, DJQ. There were a lot of independent clothing designers, t-shirts and hats for sale was really what caught my eye. I have in my closet mainly Converses and Nikes so I was looking for those.

However, the variety of shoes left a bit to be desired. Does nobody wear Adidas, Rebok, Pastrys , DC's , Vans or Oasis in Kansas City?

They only had one table of female shoes and most were Jordans.

In fact, the whole thing could have been called "The Jordan Fest or Nike Fest". Mainly the people that were there were independent shoe dealers, artists who custom designed shoes and people who were just looking to sell their used shoes. Again, mainly Jordans.

Again a good event to go to, to get out of the house, but for the $15 entry fee I was looking for more variety. It was cool to see the "McFly" shoes in person though.
Does anyone else have a "love" for Sneakers like I do????

-Nicole Alicia

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